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Finding God John 6: 65- 69


In today’s study, we will be looking at the point at which a man’s heart meets with God’s heart. Understanding the mind of God and understanding His language is key to anyone’s relationship with God.

What are you looking for in God?

The key to finding God starts with this question. Do you love God enough to put your trust in Him or you trust yourself, idols, and others more than God Ps 14:1, Jam 2:19, Ps 118: 8-9, Ps 115:8, 135:18.

God searches the heart, He wants us to approach Him with a heart of finding and knowing Him 1 Kings 3:3, Matt 6:33, John 4: 10, 6: 26-27, Phil 3:10. He is delighted when we discover who He is Matt 16: 13-17. He is aware of the attractions of the world Matt 6:24, He wants us to crucify our affections Gal 5:24.

Those who look for God are very committed Exd 33:11, Numb 14:24, Luke 19:17, 1 Cor 4:17, 16:10, Phil 2:19, and He commits things into their hands, and they are able to find Him anytime.

They are always mindful of what God wants rather than what they want. Their prayers always meet with God’s desire I Kings 3:10, Ps 27:4. All those who look for God save God the trouble of looking out Ezek 22:30, Isa 63:5.

They provoke His blessings by provoking themselves 1 Sam 1:10-11, Gen 22:16, Esther 4:16.

They do not give up until they have found God Job 23:3, Exd 24:16-18, Gen 32:24

To find God involves sacrifice and daring all things Joshua 10:12, Acts 20:24, Rev 12:11, Luke 9:24, Romans 8:17. He took all the risk for you John 15:13, II Cor 5:21.


 His words are well spelled in the scriptures, therefore finding God begins with you. How much of God do you want? He is ready to draw near to you if you draw near to Him if you choose to serve Him.

If you choose to know and serve Him wholeheartedly He will reward you abundantly.

Do not resist, choose God.

God bless you. 

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