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PARABLE OF THE LOST SHEEP (Matthew 18:10-14)

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


To many of us, if we lost one out of a hundred, we will care less going by the number of 99 we have left. The kingdom of God is not like that. Tonight we will look at the value of one, May we are blessed in Jesus' name.


The kingdom of God values one as much as she values a multitude. God invests heavily in a soul, God takes care of His faithful by means of angels Matt 18:10. These angels carry a sincere interest and love for the children of God Ps 34:7, 91:11, Luke 15:10, 16:22, Heb 1:14, Rev 5:11-12.

We must appreciate the number of one “save that which was lost” Matt 18:11, Ezk 22:30.

One by one makes a multitude, we win by one (Won by one) John 1:40-41, no one walks alone, one became two Mark 6:7, an extra one made two better Eccl 4:9-12, we disciple one to mentor another 2 Tim 2:2.

We must not despise but appreciate each other. Jesus leaving the 99 to find one may not seem logical or sensible to you until you are the one! Luke 22:32, John 21:20-23.

Jesus chastised the churches in His letter to them. He offered them respite if they would repent avoiding condemnation Rev 3:22 was repeated at the end of all letters, 1 Sam 30:6.

He encouraged the Philadelphia church Rev 3:8. A worker deserves commendation Rom 16:1. David was distressed, but he encouraged himself 1 Sam 30:6,

We must not judge anyone, not even the lost soul Matt 7:1, for we are not in the ministry of condemnation but reconciliation 2 Cor 5: 18.

Winning a soul is not winning a debate!



Encourage someone today with the gospel and word of commendation. We can not do it alone, our iron must sharpen iron to achieve God’s purpose for His kingdom. God bless you. 

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