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*Scripture Treasure.*

John 19:26-27 *When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son!*

*Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home.*

*Insight and Highlight.*

Christ,while on the cross, made arrangements to care for His mother.

He did not leave her comfort less.

Christ says to John, *'Here is your mother.”*

*Scripture Commentaries.*

How many would be proud to invite someone to see their mothers?

Christ cares for everyone.

Significant, however, is a special kind of love He showed His mother while He was about to die on the cross.

It tells us why no woman, especially a mother, should ever be neglected or left alone.

It is presumed here that Joseph was no more. So here was Mary about to lose her son.

The only option left for Jesus was to commit His mother to the one whom He loved.

Jesus' word here is very significant.

He said, *'Woman, behold thy son!*

He referred to His mother as 'woman'.

He could have said mother, Behold thy son. So why?

This teaches us a few things.

First, the word woman is the general name for the grown-up female. By using the word 'woman,' every woman, whether barren or fruitful, is comforted by His statement, which tells us that every woman is a mother.

So, though it happens, no woman ought to feel empty when mothers are celebrated. Jesus brought the woman together with the mother.

Second, any child is capable of having a mother in any woman. This is an encouragement to any woman to treat any child most decently as she could. It is also an encouragement to any child that he/she may be faced with the task or responsibility of taking up a woman who is not your mother.

Third, this may have been where present-day adoption, guardianship, foster parenting, took their source.

You do not have to be related to any woman before you can treat her as a mother. You do not have to be related to a child to treat him/her as a son/daughter.

Fourth, good behavior, excellent virtues are key to trust. Christ did not entrust His mother to His own half brothers or related nazarites, He trusted her in the hands of the disciples He loved.

You will not die before your mother in Jesus name. However, what happened here on the cross tells us that death knows no order. Christ, here teaches us this.

You may say there are other siblings who could take care of her if anything happens to you.

Christ teaches us here about virtues. We do not know why He loved John beyond others, but based on what He had seen of John, John here is predictably most caring for His mother's care.

If you do not treat your mother well now, it is not likely that you would change your bad attitude.

Not many who gave their mothers befitting burials took good care of them when their mothers were alive.

Children of good virtues will have God's approval to take care of their mothers.

Behave yourself wisely, take care of your mother, and take care of womanhood!

*Remorse corner.*

Can you be prepared to invite anyone to come and see your mother? Are you proud of her state, status?

*Call to Word action.*

Are you proud to be associated with her?

*The Christian clarion duty.*

How homely, cordial, respectful, are you? Are you well behaved for God to approve you?


Lord, approve me and count me trustworthy to take care of my mother, in Jesus name.

Good morning and *a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY* to all our women.

God bless womanhood in Jesus name.

Be blessed as you come into His presence.

God bless you.

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