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*Scripture Treasure.*

Proverbs 23:24 (MSG) *Parents rejoice when their children turn out well; wise children become proud parents.*

*Insight and Highlight.*

Prov 23:24b-25 *".....wise children become proud parents.*

*So make your father happy!*

*Make your mother proud!*

*Scripture Commentaries.*

As parents, we are beyond excited when our children excel.

We want our children to ride on the crest of pinnacle. No parent wishes anything less than what God wants for their children.

From conception, Jacob was destined to ride on a pedestal. Honor and leadership awaited him.

Gen 25:27 describes Jacob, as a plain man, dwelling in tents. A "mild man" who is destined to reap greatly where he did not sow, Gen 25:23, ref John 4:38.

His elder brother, Esau was a complete opposite. He must pursue a vocation, hunting, requiring much energy and hardwork.

Sheer ingenuity accompanied his keenly found vocation of "dwelling in tents" because this suggests he is able to divide his skills among a number of tents (projects or interests). His potentials were evident by his adaptation, flexibility and coolness under work and family pressure for fourteen years for a woman he loved, Gen 30.

The story of Jacob and Esaus teaches parents that no two children are the same.

We must learn to avoid taking sides of one, to the fall of the other, Gen 25:28. It will have deadly consequences, Gen 27:41.

Respect each child according to his abilities and gifting. Do not compare them neither should you show favoritism, 2 Cor 10:12, ref James 2:1.

Encourage do not disparage.

Encourage your child in what he/she is best at.

Let your child know that a touch of excellence and great quality can come from a child of the greatest quality like him/her.

Will you pray for and encourage your child today?

*Remorse corner.*

Prov 26: 15 (MSG) *Dear child, if you become wise, I'll be one happy parent.*

*Call to Word action.*

Eph 6:4 (MSG) *Fathers, don’t frustrate your children with no-win scenarios. Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master.*

*The Christian clarion duty.*

James 2:1 (MSG) *".....they are children of the same Father, belong to the same family, and are all one in Christ Jesus, whether high or low, rich, or poor:*


Lord, help me. Do not let me fail in my responsibilities over my child(ren).

Let them be exceedingly great, in Jesus name.

Good morning all. Today is the grand finale of our Children's week.

Encourage your child and be blessed as you come into His presence.

God bless you.

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