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We thank God for our 12th-year Anniversary celebration from Thursday 22nd to the grand finale of, yesterday, Sunday 25th.

God's graciousness was again evident in the auspicious

celebration. It was truly grand.

Your presence through the celebrations both in-person and online is well appreciated.

In this year of our Divine Turnaround, remember these two motivational quotes, among many others spoken by our Guest Speaker,

1. "...whosoever the devil wants to destroy, he isolates..."

2. "...many are in church, but not in touch..."

He further admonished and beseeched us saying; in this year of our Divine Turnaround,

► Have the right attitude with God.

► Do not isolate yourself or allow the devil to isolate you

► Be in Church and be in touch"

► "Look forward to meeting with Jesus

► Never give up, God rewards.

► God never fails."

► Crave after wise counsel

► Obey God. if you persist in disobedience, God can give up on you so that you could learn from your mistakes You do not want this. (Ref Rom 1: 21-32).

The Lord reward you all, in Jesus name

All online will resume from Tuesday, May 4, with - One Hour with Jesus from 7 pm-8 pm.

This week from April 26-30 will be a break for us.

Our Sunday services remain the same.

God's blessings and Shalom.

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