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*Scripture Treasure.*

Proverbs 27:24 *for riches are not forever, nor does a crown endure to every generation.*

*Insight and Highlight.*

Nothing is static. We must ask God for His presence in order for our riches and crown to endure to every generation.

*Scripture Commentaries.*

Solomon teaches us that it is not wise to assume that whatever a person has built up will last forever.

It teaches us important life lessons that suggest that while we diligently build and grow our resources to flourish, we must bear in mind the uncertainty of time.

This is not to discourage us from building wealth but to know that times and seasons change.

Your inventions today may be gone or updated tomorrow. Every invention is here today, but it is gone tomorrow!

Passage of time dictates that riches made today through innovations will not endure forever.

Necessities change people. Some people's plights occur when unexpected, after a long time of good living.

We must respect people's plight, and respecting them is doing what is necessary to meet their urgent needs.

This is why the saying goes that 'nececessity is the mother of invention'.

Prov 24: 3-4 tells us both wisdom and understanding are needed to build a house. It further says regarding knowing what to do at any time will fill the chambers with pleasant riches

Solomon is telling us that what could sustain riches are wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.

These will help us to keep ourselves abreast of current needs and development.

Wisdom will help you to measure the demand for your business and adjust in a current or future changing market.

Do you want your chambers to be filled with all precious and pleasant riches?

Only, in Christ alone, can it be done!

*Remorse corner.*

Do you wish to build a house that will be established forever?

Prov 24:3 says, *"Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established:*

*Call to Word action.*

Do you want your inheritance to be continually filled with riches

Prov 24:4 says *And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.*

*The Christian clarion duty.*

Only Christ can preserve riches and dominion from extinction and oblivion.


Lord, help me with wisdom to sustain riches in current and changing markets in order to sustain my riches and crown in Jesus name.

Good morning all, and have a blessed day today.

God bless you.

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