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*Scripture Treasure.*

Matthew 4:19–►🔹 *And he said to them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.*🔹

*Insight and Highlight.*

Jesus is still calling out today "Follow me".

*Scripture Commentaries.*

Jesus said “follow me” many countable times in all four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This two-word command may appear in many Bible translations in many more forms.

The two simple yet power packed words, "Follow me" is more than an invitation to follow, it is a summon, a call and a command.

For those who obeyed, they found unspeakable and ultimate joy in their new found life in Jesus.

It is also "a call to die" that we may live eternally with Him.

A call to die to sin and to live a life after righteousness in Christ Jesus.

It was the first command to Discipleship in Jesus' earthly ministry to Matthew, the Tax Collector in the gospel of Matt 9:9, Peter, Andrew, James and John in Matt 4: 18-22.

It was also Jesus' last reminder to Apostle Peter in the company of others. It was a wake up call and strong exhortation to relentlessly pursue this command to follow Jesus, John 21: 19.

Besides the call to Discipleship, the command to "Follow me" is also a call to eternal life. Jesus told the rich young ruler in Matt 19:16 when he asked what he should do to receive eternal life. Jesus told him in Matt 19:21 to sell all his possessions and give to the poor *"....then come follow me"*🔹

The call must be honored above all our exigencies. Matt 8: 21-22–►🔹 *And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.*🔹

🔹 *But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.*🔹

Will you follow Him today, or better put: "will you follow Him today, with all your heart?

Hebrews 3:15 –►🔹 *While it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation.*🔹

*A call to sinners*

There is a hymn: [Jesus is calling, is tenderly calling today, calling today, calling today...] It is a call to sinners to come home, that is come to Him.

Have you accepted this command and invitation to follow?

*Remorse corner.*

The command "Follow me" is unquestionable for everyone under this command. If you have heard this call as a soldier, you must surrender yourself "all in" to follow Jesus, to commit to His mission and lifestyle.

*Call to Word action.*

Those who hear the command "Follow me" do not hesitate,

John 10: 27–►🔹 *My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.*🔹

*The Christian clarion duty.*

Do not allow anything to come in between you and God.  Be willing to give up all you have, when you hear His command; *"Follow me"*


Lord, l will follow as You lead me in your path, in Jesus name.

Good morning all and be blessed as you come into His presence.

God bless you.

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