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*Scripture Treasure.*

2 Sam 24:1, 2-4

*And again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah.*

*And Joab said unto the king,.....but why doth my lord the king delight in this thing?*

*Notwithstanding the king's word prevailed against Joab, and against the captains of the host. And Joab and the captains of the host went out from the presence of the king, to number the people of Israel.*

*Insight and Highlight.*

Prov 11:14 *Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.*

*Scripture Commentaries.*

In learning from God's anger on David,

we have seen how we could learn and understand God's emotion by first asking ourselves, "Why would God incite David to do what was against Him?"

Second, by asking, "Why was God angry with David?"

Third, we saw possible answers to "Why Israel had to suffer for David's error."

Today, we wish to find out why David refused the wise counsel of Joab, his chief of army.

In almost every decision we make, there is always at least one Godly counsel that should help us if we dare to listen.

Joab, who had been with David in his sinful act against Uriah (2 Sam 12:14-17), was not comfortable with David's decision to take Israel's census.

Joab saw David's act as unnecessary. David's self-will, however, prevailed over him.

The pride inherent in leadership, lack of self-control, and disregard to others play a role in David's error.

God's angers against David proved Joab, right that David's decision was abominable to God.

This error of David teaches us that as leaders of various status or parents, we must listen to the advice of people, notwithstanding if they are our children or subordinates.

Prov 19:20 says *Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.*

One may not know why Joab asked why David wanted a census, but one could say he had noticed David's ways of unstable judgments in time past.

In addition to David's decision to execute Uriah (of which Joab was a partaker), David's decision to deprive Joab of his command over the army in the murder of Abner to avenge Asahel, 2 Sam 3:26-39, comes to mind.

The pathetic stories of Uriah and the enduring period of disgrace of Joab in the murder of Abner tells us the uncontrolled power of David's unilateral decision over the army.

When you reason alone, you may be reasoning from what you already know, but when you hear other people's reasoning or counsel, you will learn more.

It is so disheartening that David could make God angry when he had the opportunity of preventing such anger if only he had patiently listened to what Joab had said.

Before you arrive at that decision, did you consult God?

Remember, besides seeking God, God also sends wise counsel through the children of men.

If you wish to please God, seek Him first for wisdom.

He can also direct your path to Godly wisdom

Ps 37:23 *The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.*

Be patient to seek ways to please God.

*Remorse corner.*

Proverbs 1:7 - *The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.*

*Call to Word action.*

Remember, *The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.* (Prov 12:15)

*The Christian clarion duty.*

Distance, status, and age should be no barrier to good and godly counsel.

It is honorable and pleasing to God to care to listen to what others may have to say in addition to what we know.


Lord, *Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.*, in Jesus name

(Psalm 119:133)

Good morning all, and be blessed as you go today.

God bless you.

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