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*Scripture Treasure.*

Psalm 121:1-2 *I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.*

*My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.*

*Insight and Highlight*

Those who connect with God, collect from Him.

*Scripture Commentaries.*

The psalmist determined to lift up his eyes unto the hills. He, in his mind, did so because Psalm 87:1 says about God that: *His foundation is on the holy mountains.*

When we call on God, we are connecting with Him. When we are connected with Him, He answers us and by His answers to our prayers, we collect from Him

In times of need, let us be confident that when we call upon God, He will send help.

Remove any doubt and be like the psalmist and say as in Psalm 121:2 *" help comes from the Lord..."*

It may seem a long wait, if you faithfully persist, you will connect with Him.

He is ever willing to connect, Is 1:18. Those who diligently seek Him will collect from Him. Dilligent seekers are rewarded, Heb 11:6.

Lift up your eyes unto Him.

Help is coming your way, in Jesus name.

*Remorse corner*

Are you afraid of what today may bring?

Fear not!

Call upon the Lord, believe what Psalm 34:4 say *I sought the LORD, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.*

*Call to Word action.*

Believe as in Psalm 3:4 *I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah.*

*The Christian clarion duty.*

Only God, is our ultimate helper.


Psalm 20:1-4 ► *The Lord hear and send help to you, in Jesus name.*

Good morning all and have a blessed day, today.

God bless you.

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