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*Scripture Treasure.*

Prov 26;4 *Do not answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are*

*Insight and Highlight.*

Show me your friend, and l will tell you who you are.

*Scripture Commentaries.*

No one should come into your life and make you worse than when you met them.

In this world, there are more chances of being made worse than there are of being made better.

Life is a snare, and it is always seeking to entrap someone.

It does not offer you just good things but bad things too. There are struggles, and it does not give you what you deserve.

You can adopt anybody's bad side easily if you are careless.

Our reading of today from Proverbs 26:4 tells us that a person who reacts angrily to a fool's provocation is as the fool himself.

Prov 22:24 warns us against being a friend to an angry man, or else we will learn his ways and become like him.

Prov 13:.20 says he that walks with the wise shall be wise.

Someone who is not wise is counted a fool, and worse still, he is called a dog

Prov 26:11 *As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.*

The apostle Peter says a person who backslides into sin is as a dog that goes back to its vomit.

In other words, he is nothing but a dog and filthy as a vomit.

Your identity can be changed and may for a long time tarnish because of the company you keep.

Beware of who you keep company with.

*Remorse corner.*

Anyone who does not walk with the wise will be a fool.

*Call to Word action.*

Prov 13:20 *He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.*

*The Christian clarion duty.*

Watch that association, company of friends. Before you decide to be part of anyone, take time to study and know who they are.


Lord, help me that l do not corrupt myself, 1 Cor 15:33. Teach me to study and know who a friend is, in Jesus name.

Good morning all, and have a blessed day.

God bless

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