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*Scripture Treasure.*

2 Kgs 13:15-16

*And Elisha said unto him, Take bow and arrows. And he took unto him bow and arrows.*

*And he said to the king of Israel, Put thine hand upon the bow. And he put his hand upon it: and Elisha put his hands upon the king's hands*

*Insight and Highlight.*

God gives men stature through the anointing He gives them.

*Scripture Commentaries.*

The hand of Elisha upon the hand of Jehoash, the King of Israel, was the power behind the arrow of deliverance over King Hazael of Syria.

Today's look at the anointing tells us three things.

First is that God gave Elisha stature. It was a great way of showing the power of God in a man through the anointing he carried.

The arrows shot would just be ordinary without the power of the anointing behind it.

The more arrows the King Jehoash shot, the more he smote on the ground the more victories over Syria awaited him, but he only smote the ground three times!

Once Elisha pronounced Israel's victory over Syria, the next that was recorded of him was his death, and nobody could reverse his anointed word.

King Hazael of Syria continued to oppress Israel during the days of Jehoash even to the days Jehoahaz (Jehoash's son).

King Jehoahaz could only beat

Benhadad (the son of king Hazael) king of Syria three times according to the word of Elisha, 2 Kgs 13:25.

King Jehoahaz defeated king Benhadad three times and recaptured the cities that Benhadad had taken from king Jehoahaz when his father (Jehoash) was king.

The power in the anointed Elisha of the victory of King Jehoash spanned two generations of kings.

Second, though Elisha was dead, we could see again that his anointing spoke for him.

Though the King of Israel, Jehoash, who went to him was dead, the anointing on the victory preparations he did at the instructions of Elisha was still as fresh as oil to the day of his son Jehoahaz.

Third, it tells us that anointing does not lose its power.

It is an encouragement to us all that all that has been spoken from the anointed word of God will survive every challenge and come to fulfillment.

*Remorse corner.*

Stay strong in the Lord. Believe the word of His anointed.

*Call to Word action.*

Whatsoever of God does not come from man, or the will of man.

2 Pet 1:21 *For the prophecy came not in olden times by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.*

*The Christian clarion duty.*

There is power in the word of God as spoken by His anointed.


Lord, let Your anointed word work through all my generations and those to come in Jesus name.

Good morning all and, have a blessed day today.

God bless you.

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